Founded nearly 60 years ago, Moody Tools remains rooted in Rhode Island, where we proudly make the finest Precision Hand Tools in the USA.

From classic jewelers screwdrivers to state-of-the-art ESD-Safe hand tools, Moody has your miniature tool needs covered.

The core of our product line is screwdrivers, and includes Slotted, Phillips, JIS-type S, Star drivers (which fit Torx®) and Spline drivers, as well as Hex, Nut and Open End Wrenches in many configurations.

The balance of our products are Scribers, Spring Tools, and Dental-style Precision Probes.


In 2012 Moody Tools was acquired by Central Tools, Inc. and moved its operations to the Cranston, RI facility.

We are a proud American company, and we make business a pleasure.

We offer a true ‘No-hassle’ Lifetime Replacement Warranty- (it covers everything from points to packaging) and ensures your complete satisfaction.

New website coming in 2017!  Really!
Watch for it!

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